Arizona cities vote to remove PSPRS board of trustees: Governor can make that happen

The League of Arizona Cities and Towns wants to replace the seven-member Public Safety Personnel Retirement System board, which has only three private-sector members, with an independent body of “qualified experts with fiduciary responsibility”  (because the current trustees are not qualified experts and have not acted like fiduciaries).

Governor Ducey,

  • 91 cities voted for major changes to the Public Safety Personnel Retirement System
  • You have the given authority to appoint new trustees to the seven-member PSPRS board
  • Board Chairman and Phoenix Fire Chief Brian Tobin is currently serving month-to-month at your pleasure (expired)
  • The following three trustees’ terms expire in January 2016
    • Richard Petrenka, previous Republican treasury wonk
    • Lauren Kingry, your appointment to the AZ Dept. of Financial Institutions
    • Jeff McHenry, Tempe Police Department
  • You alone can appoint four new reformers to the PSPRS board of trustees prior to the 2016 legislative session!
  • Four reform-minded trustees, a voting majority, could turn PSPRS around!

Make this happen!


Ice Cream For All


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